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Air Navigation: Meaning and Pronunciation

Air Navigation, వాయు నావిగేషన్, refers to the process of determining the position and directing the movement of an aircraft from one point to another. It involves the use of various instruments, charts, and techniques to ensure safe and efficient flight.

Pronunciation: [air nuh-vi-gey-shuhn]

Synonyms of Air Navigation

1. Aeronautical Navigation, విమాన నావిగేషన్

2. Avigation, విమాన నావిగేషన్

3. Flight Navigation, పడుపు నావిగేషన్

Nearby Words

1. Air Traffic Control (Noun) – వాయు పర్యావరణ నియంత్రణ

Example: The pilot contacted air traffic control for landing instructions.

2. Altitude (Noun) – ఎత్తు

Example: The aircraft climbed to a higher altitude to avoid turbulence.

3. Cockpit (Noun) – విమాన నియంత్రణ కేంద్రం

Example: The pilot adjusted the controls in the cockpit before takeoff.


Ad (విజ్ఞాపనం) – The antonym of air navigation in Telugu is “విజ్ఞాపనం”.

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