Aggravating: Meaning and Pronunciation

Aggravating is an English word that is commonly used to describe something that causes annoyance, irritation, or frustration. In Telugu, aggravating can be translated as కోపించిన (kōpiñcina), చెడుతున్న (ceḍutunna), కోపపడుతున్న (kōpapaḍutunna), కోపపడుతున్నాయి (kōpapaḍutunnāyi), కోపపడుతున్నారు (kōpapaḍutunnāru), or కోపపడుతున్నారా (kōpapaḍutunnārā).

Pronunciation: uh-gra-vey-ting

Synonyms of Aggravating

Some synonyms of aggravating include irritating, annoying, vexing, exasperating, maddening, bothersome, and provoking.

Nearby Words

Here are some nearby words with their parts of speech and meanings in Telugu:

  • Aggravate (verb): కోపపడు (kōpapaḍu), చెడుతున్నాడు (ceḍutunnāḍu), కోపపడుతున్నాడు (kōpapaḍutunnāḍu)
    Example sentence: His constant interruptions aggravate me during meetings.
  • Aggravation (noun): కోపం (kōpaṁ), చెడుతున్నాడు (ceḍutunnāḍu), కోపపడుతున్నాడు (kōpapaḍutunnāḍu)
    Example sentence: The constant noise outside is causing aggravation.
  • Aggravated (adjective): కోపపడించిన (kōpapaḍin̄cina), చెడుతున్న (ceḍutunna), కోపపడుతున్న (kōpapaḍutunna)
    Example sentence: She was aggravated by his rude behavior.


The antonym of aggravating in Telugu is శాంతించు (śāntiñcu).

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