Aggressors: Meaning and Pronunciation

Aggressors is a noun that refers to individuals or groups who initiate hostile actions or attacks. In Telugu, it can be translated as ఆక్రమణకారులు (ākramaṇakārulu), ద్వేషకారులు (dvēṣakārulu), or ప్రవర్తకులు (pravartakulu).

Pronunciation: uh-gres-erz

Synonyms of Aggressors

1. Attackers
2. Assailants
3. Invaders
4. Offenders
5. Provokers

Nearby Words

1. Aggression (noun) – ఆక్రమణ (ākramaṇa) – The act of initiating hostile actions or attacks.

Example: His aggression towards his colleagues led to his dismissal.

2. Aggressive (adjective) – ఆక్రమణాత్మక (ākramaṇātmaka) – Displaying a readiness to attack or confront.

Example: The aggressive dog barked fiercely at the stranger.

3. Aggressiveness (noun) – ఆక్రమణాత్మకత (ākramaṇātmakata) – The quality of being inclined to attack or confront.

Example: The aggressiveness of the team’s defense was unmatched.


The antonym of aggressors is “ad” in Telugu, which means ప్రతికారం (pratikāraṁ).

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