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Amount Paid Meaning in Telugu

Amount Paid is translated to Telugu as చెల్లింపు మొత్తం (Chellimpu Mottam). It refers to the total sum of money that has been given or transferred in exchange for goods, services, or debts.

Pronunciation of Amount Paid

The pronunciation of Amount Paid in Telugu is (Chellimpu Mottam).

Nearby Words

  • Amount: మొత్తం (Mottam) – Noun – The total quantity or sum of something.
  • Paid: చెల్లింపు చేసిన (Chellimpu Chesina) – Verb – The past tense of “pay,” which means to give money in exchange for goods or services.
  • Money: డబ్బు (Dabbu) – Noun – A medium of exchange used for transactions and representing value.
  • Transaction: లెన్నిది (Lennidi) – Noun – An instance of buying or selling something.

Example Sentence: నాకు ఆ ప్రాజెక్టు కోసం చెల్లింపు చేసారు. (Naku aa prajektu kosam chellimpu chesaaru) – They paid me for that project.

Amount Paid Synonyms

  • Remuneration
  • Compensation
  • Settlement
  • Disbursement
  • Payment

Amount Paid Antonyms

The antonym of Amount Paid in Telugu is not available.

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