Amounting Meaning in Telugu

Amounting is a verb that is commonly used in English to describe the act of reaching a total or sum, or to be equivalent or equal to something. In Telugu, the word for amounting is మొత్తం చేయు (mottam cheyu).

Pronunciation of Amounting

The pronunciation of amounting in Telugu is mottam cheyu. (మొత్తం చేయు)

Nearby Words

  • Noun: Amount (మొత్తం) – The total sum or quantity of something.
  • Verb: Add (జోడించు) – To combine or join together to increase the quantity or value.
  • Adjective: Total (మొత్తం) – The complete amount or sum of something.

Example sentences:

  1. The amount of money in his bank account is significant. (ఆతని బ్యాంకు ఖాతాలో డబ్బు మొత్తం చాలా ఉంది.)
  2. Please add the numbers together and tell me the total. (దయచేసి సంఖ్యలను జోడించి మొత్తం చెప్పండి.)

Amounting Synonyms

  • Equaling
  • Reaching
  • Totaling
  • Summing

Amounting Antonyms

The antonym for amounting in Telugu is మొత్తం కాదు (mottam kaadu), which means “not amounting” or “not reaching a total.”

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