Affective: Meaning and Pronunciation

Affective is an adjective that refers to something relating to, arising from, or influencing emotions or feelings. In Telugu, affective can be translated as భావాత్మక (bhāvātmaka).

Pronunciation: uh-fek-tiv

Synonyms of Affective

Some synonyms of affective include:

  • Emotional (భావాత్మక, bhāvātmaka)
  • Passionate (ఉత్సాహపూర్ణ, utsāhapūrṇa)
  • Heartfelt (హృదయంతో, hṛdayantō)
  • Sentimental (భావుక, bhāvuka)

Nearby Words

Here are some nearby words with their parts of speech and meanings:

  • Effect (noun) – ప్రభావం (prabhāvaṁ)
    Example: The medicine had a positive effect on her health.
  • Affectation (noun) – నటన (naṭana)
    Example: His accent was just an affectation.
  • Affection (noun) – ప్రేమ (prēma)
    Example: She showed great affection towards her pets.
  • Affected (adjective) – ప్రభావితం (prabhāvitaṁ)
    Example: He spoke with an affected accent.


The antonym of affective is cognitive. In Telugu, cognitive can be translated as మానసిక (mānasika).

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