Affects: Meaning and Pronunciation

Affects is a noun that refers to the emotional state or disposition of a person. In Telugu, it can be translated as ప్రభావం (prabhavam), అసరం (asaram), ప్రభావితం (prabhavitham), ప్రభావించే (prabhavinche).

Pronunciation: uh-fekts

Synonyms of Affects

Some synonyms of affects include influences, impacts, changes, modifies, and shapes.

Nearby Words

1. Effect (noun) – ప్రభావం, అసరం, ప్రభావితం, ప్రభావించే

Example: The medication had a positive effect on her health.

2. Affection (noun) – ప్రేమ, ఆదరణ, ప్రేమించే, ఆదరించే

Example: She showed her affection towards her pet by cuddling it.

3. Affectation (noun) – నటన, అసలు కాని నటన, నటనాలు, అసలు కాని నటనాలు

Example: His accent seemed like an affectation to impress others.


The antonym of affects is indifference.

Ad meaning in Telugu: అసంబద్ధత (asambaddhata)


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