affaire d’amour

Affaire d’amour: Meaning and Pronunciation

Affaire d’amour is a French term that translates to “love affair” in English. In Telugu, it can be understood as ప్రేమ సంబంధం (prema sambandham). The pronunciation of affaire d’amour is [ah-fair dah-moor].

Synonyms of Affaire d’amour

Some synonyms of affaire d’amour include:

  • Romantic relationship
  • Love affair
  • Passionate liaison
  • Amorous involvement

Nearby Words

Here are some nearby words related to affaire d’amour:

  • Amour (Noun) – ప్రేమ (prema) – Example: అతను ఆమోదంతో ప్రేమించడం చేస్తున్నాడు (He is loving with enthusiasm).
  • Relation (Noun) – సంబంధం (sambandham) – Example: అతను నా సంబంధితుడు (He is my relative).
  • Intimacy (Noun) – అంతరంగత (antarangata) – Example: అతను నాతో అంతరంగంగా ఉంటాడు (He is intimate with me).

Example sentence: అతను ప్రేమ సంబంధంలో ఉంటాడు (He is in a love affair).


The antonym of affaire d’amour in Telugu is ప్రేమ లేని (prema leni), which means “loveless” or “without love”.


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