Affections are deep feelings of love, care, or fondness towards someone or something. They are emotions that can be expressed in various ways and play a significant role in human relationships and interactions.

Affections Meanings in Telugu

ఆదరాలు (ādarālu), ప్రేమాలు (prēmālu), ఆకర్షణ (ākarṣaṇa), ప్రేమ (prēma)

Pronunciation of Affections

Affections – /əˈfɛkʃənz/

Affections Synonyms

Love, fondness, attachment, tenderness, devotion

Nearby Words

– Emotion (Noun) – భావం (bhāvaṁ) – She couldn’t control her emotions.
– Care (Noun) – పరిగణన (parigaṇana) – He showed great care towards his family.
– Feeling (Noun) – భావం (bhāvaṁ) – The feeling of joy overwhelmed her.
– Relationship (Noun) – సంబంధం (sambandhaṁ) – They have a strong relationship.
– Compassion (Noun) – దయ (daya) – She felt compassion for the homeless.
– Attachment (Noun) – ఆకర్షణ (ākarṣaṇa) – He had a strong attachment to his childhood home.
– Devotion (Noun) – భక్తి (bhakti) – Her devotion to her religion was unwavering.
– Tenderness (Noun) – మృదుత్వం (mṛdutvaṁ) – He treated her with tenderness and care.


Indifference, apathy, detachment, hatred, animosity

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