Amusing Meaning in Telugu

Amusing, pronounced as /əˈmyo͞oziNG/, is an adjective that describes something that is entertaining, funny, or enjoyable.

Nearby Words:

  • Amuse (verb) – ఆనందించు (ānandinchu) – The comedian’s jokes never fail to amuse the audience.
  • Amusement (noun) – ఆనందం (ānandam) – The amusement park is a popular attraction for families.
  • Amused (adjective) – ఆనందించిన (ānandinchina) – She was amused by the clever trick.
  • The clown’s performance was highly amusing. (క్లౌన్ ప్రదర్శన చాలా ఆనందపరమైనదిగా ఉంది.)
  • We watched an amusing movie last night. (మనం కలలో ఒక ఆనందపరమైన సినిమాను చూసాము.)

Amusing Synonyms:

  • Entertaining – మనోహరమైన (manōharamaina)
  • Funny – నవ్వుకొనే (navvukonē)
  • Enjoyable – ఆనందపరిచిన (ānandaparichina)

Amusing Antonyms:

The antonym for amusing in Telugu is “ఆకర్షణకరమైన” (ākarṣaṇakaramaina), which means boring or dull.

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