Air-tight is an adjective that refers to something that is completely sealed or impermeable to air or other gases. It is commonly used to describe containers or spaces that are designed to prevent the entry or escape of air.

Meanings in Telugu:

గాలిని పూర్తిగా నిలువుగా ఉంచుకోవడం (gālini pūrtigā niluvuga unchukōvaḍaṁ)


air-tight (/ɛrˈtaɪt/)


Sealed, impermeable, airtight, hermetic, watertight

Nearby Words:

– Container (noun) – కంటెయినర్ (kaṇṭeyinar) – A receptacle used for holding or storing things.
– Seal (noun) – ముద్ర (mudra) – A device or substance used to close or secure something tightly.
– Vacuum (noun) – ఖాళీ (khāḷī) – A space entirely devoid of matter.
– Impermeable (adjective) – అపారదర్శకం (apāradaśrakaṁ) – Not allowing fluid or gas to pass through.
– Containerize (verb) – కంటెయినర్ లో పెట్టుకోవడం (kaṇṭeyinar lō peṭṭukōvaḍaṁ) – To pack or enclose in a container.


గాలిని పూర్తిగా నిలువుగా ఉంచుకోకపోవడం (gālini pūrtigā niluvuga unchukōkapōvaḍaṁ)

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