Acuteness: Meaning and Pronunciation

Acuteness is a noun that refers to the quality of being acute, sharp, or keen. It can also describe the intensity or severity of a situation or condition. In Telugu, acuteness can be translated as తీక్ష్ణత (teekshnata), తీక్ష్ణతా (teekshnata), or తీక్ష్ణత్వం (teekshnatvam).

Pronunciation: uh-kyoot-ness

Synonyms of Acuteness

1. Sharpness
2. Keenness
3. Intensity
4. Severity
5. Acuity

Nearby Words

1. Acute (adjective) – తీక్ష్ణ (teekshna) – The patient experienced acute pain in his chest.
2. Acutely (adverb) – తీక్ష్ణంగా (teekshnangaa) – She was acutely aware of the danger.
3. Acuteness (noun) – తీక్ష్ణత (teekshnata) – The acuteness of the situation demanded immediate action.
4. Acuteness (noun) – తీక్ష్ణతా (teekshnata) – The acuteness of his hearing allowed him to detect even the faintest sounds.


The antonym of acuteness in Telugu is మృదుత (mriduta).

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