Affords: Meaning, Pronunciation, Synonyms, and More

Affords is a verb that has multiple meanings in the English language. In Telugu, it can be translated as:

అవకాశం ఇవ్వు (avakāśaṁ ivvu), అవకాశం చేయు (avakāśaṁ cēyu), అవకాశం పొందు (avakāśaṁ pōndu)

Pronunciation of Affords


Synonyms of Affords

Some synonyms of affords include provides, offers, grants, allows, and yields.

Nearby Words

Here are some nearby words with their parts of speech and meanings in Telugu:

1. Affordance (noun) – అవకాశం (avakāśaṁ)
Example Sentence: The design of this chair has a clear affordance for sitting comfortably.

2. Affordable (adjective) – అవకాశంగా ఉండే (avakāśaṁgā uṇḍē)
Example Sentence: This store offers affordable prices for quality products.

3. Affordability (noun) – అవకాశం (avakāśaṁ)
Example Sentence: The affordability of housing in this area is a major concern for many people.


The antonym of affords in Telugu is అవకాశం లేదు (avakāśaṁ lēdu).

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