Alluding: Meaning and Pronunciation

Alluding is a verb that means to indirectly refer to something or someone. It is pronounced as uh-loo-ding.

Synonyms for Alluding

Some synonyms for alluding include hinting, suggesting, implying, and mentioning indirectly.

Nearby Words

Here are some nearby words with their parts of speech and meanings in Telugu:

  • Allegory (noun) – నిర్దేశాలు, పరిప్రేక్ష్యం
  • Allusion (noun) – ఆపాతంగా చేసే సూచన
  • Ally (noun) – సహకారి, మిత్రుడు
  • Allocate (verb) – కొంతమందికి పంచుకోవడం, విండోలు కొంతమందికి పంచుకోవడం

Example sentence: She made an allusion to their secret plan during the conversation.


The antonym for alluding in Telugu is సూచించడం (soochinchadam).

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Remember, alluding is a powerful way to indirectly refer to something, allowing for subtlety and creativity in communication.

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