Almond Oil

Almond oil, also known as Badam oil in Telugu, is a popular oil derived from almonds. It is widely used for its numerous health and beauty benefits. The oil is extracted from the kernels of almonds and has a mild, nutty aroma.


Almond oil is pronounced as “ah-muhnd oil”.


Almond oil is also referred to as Badam telugu, Badam nune, and Badam chekka.

Nearby Words

  • Almond (noun) – బాదం, a type of nut with a hard shell and an edible kernel.
  • Oil (noun) – నూనె, a viscous liquid used for cooking, lubrication, or as a fuel.
  • Kernel (noun) – కర్ణము, the softer, edible part inside the shell of a nut or seed.
  • Aroma (noun) – సుగంధం, a distinctive smell or fragrance.

Example sentences:

  1. I love the taste of almonds.
  2. She used almond oil for her hair massage.
  3. The kernel of the almond is rich in nutrients.
  4. The aroma of almond oil is soothing.


The antonym for almond oil in Telugu is “ఆవుల నూనె” (avula nune), which means “castor oil”.

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