Agnate: Meaning, Pronunciation, Synonyms, and Nearby Words

Meaning: Agnate refers to a person who is related to another through the male line, such as a brother, uncle, or cousin. It can also be used as an adjective to describe something that is derived or inherited from the male side of a family.

Pronunciation: [ag-neyt]

Synonyms: Related, kin, consanguineous, akin, connected, affiliated

Nearby Words:


  • Agnaatha (అజ్ఞాత) – Unknown
  • Agnathudu (అజ్ఞాతుడు) – Stranger
  • Agnathakudu (అజ్ఞాతకుడు) – Mysterious person


  • Agnathika (అజ్ఞాతిక) – Unknown
  • Agnathikaaram (అజ్ఞాతికారం) – Unidentified
  • Agnathikaari (అజ్ఞాతికారి) – Anonymous

Example Sentences:

  1. My agnate brother is visiting us next week. (నా అజ్ఞాత సోదరుడు మరొక వారంలో మాకు సందర్శించున్నాడు.)
  2. The agnate inheritance passed down through generations. (అజ్ఞాత వారసత్వం తలపుల ద్వారా పారిపోయింది.)

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