Aides-de-Camp: Meaning and Pronunciation

Aides-de-Camp is a French term that refers to military officers who serve as personal assistants or adjutants to high-ranking officials. In Telugu, it can be translated as సహాయక కమాండ్రులు (sahāyaka kamāndrulu).

Pronunciation: [eydz-duh-kamp]

Synonyms of Aides-de-Camp

1. Adjutants
2. Assistants
3. Aides
4. Attendants
5. Companions

Nearby Words

1. Aid (noun) – సహాయం, సహాయపడుట
Example: The general provided aid to the wounded soldiers.

2. Command (noun) – కమాండ్, ఆదేశం
Example: The officer took command of the troops.

3. Officer (noun) – అధికారి, అధికారుడు
Example: The officer inspected the barracks.

4. Military (adjective) – సైన్య, సైన్యానికి సంబంధించిన
Example: He served in the military for ten years.

5. High-ranking (adjective) – అధికమంది పదవులకు సంబంధించిన
Example: The general held a high-ranking position in the army.


The antonym of aides-de-camp in Telugu is విరోధి (virōdhi).

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