Actuaries: Meaning and Pronunciation

An actuary is a professional who deals with the financial impact of risk and uncertainty. They use mathematics, statistics, and financial theory to study uncertain future events, especially those of concern to insurance and pension programs. In Telugu, actuaries can be translated as ఆక్టుయారీలు (ākṭuyārīlu).

Pronunciation: (ak-choo-air-eez)

Synonyms for Actuaries

1. Statistician
2. Risk analyst
3. Financial planner
4. Underwriter
5. Insurance analyst

Nearby Words

1. Actuarial (adjective) – ఆక్టుయారియల్ (ākṭuyāriyal) – relating to actuaries or their work

Example sentence: The actuarial report provided valuable insights into the company’s financial future.

2. Actuary (noun) – ఆక్టుయారీ (ākṭuyārī) – a person who calculates insurance and pension risks

Example sentence: John is studying to become an actuary and hopes to work for a leading insurance company.

3. Actuarially (adverb) – ఆక్టుయారియాల్లో (ākṭuyāriyāl’lō) – in an actuarial manner

Example sentence: The premiums were actuarially determined based on the policyholder’s age and health.


The antonym for actuaries in Telugu is అక్టుయారీలు కాదు (akṭuyārīlu kādu).

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