Actuary: Meaning and Pronunciation

An actuary is a professional who assesses and manages financial risks using mathematical and statistical methods. In Telugu, actuary is known as ఆక్టువరీ (ākṭuvārī).

Pronunciation: (āk-choo-uh-ree)

Synonyms of Actuary

Some synonyms of actuary include:

  • Statistician
  • Risk analyst
  • Financial planner
  • Insurance analyst

Nearby Words

Here are some nearby words related to actuary:

  • Actuarial (adjective) – ఆక్టువరీయ (ākṭuvārīya) – relating to actuaries or their work
  • Actuarially (adverb) – ఆక్టువరీయంగా (ākṭuvārīyaṁgā) – in an actuarial manner
  • Actuarial science (noun) – ఆక్టువరీ శాస్త్రం (ākṭuvārī śāstraṁ) – the discipline that applies mathematical and statistical methods to assess risk in insurance, finance, and other industries

Example sentence: ఆక్టువరీ శాస్త్రం వల్ల వీరికి అన్ని రకాల వాడుకరి రకాల రిస్కులు మరియు విమానాలను అంచనా చేస్తుంది (Actuarial science helps them assess various types of risks and premiums).


The antonym of actuary in Telugu is అన్నిటికీ వేరు (anniṭīkī vēru).

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