Alluvian Meaning in Telugu

Alluvian is an English word that can be translated into Telugu as అల్లువియన్ (alluvian).

Pronunciation of Alluvian

The pronunciation of alluvian in Telugu is uh-loo-vee-uhn.

Alluvian Synonyms

Some synonyms of alluvian include:

  • Depositor (డిపాజిటర్)
  • Sediment (నిపుణుడు)
  • Accumulation (కూడిక)
  • Deposit (డిపాజిట్)

Nearby Words

Here are some nearby words with their parts of speech and meanings in Telugu:

  • Alloy (noun) – మిశ్రమం, Example: The alloy of copper and zinc is called brass.
  • Allure (verb) – ఆకర్షించు, Example: The beautiful scenery allured the tourists.
  • Allusion (noun) – ఆలోచన, Example: The author made an allusion to a famous historical event in his novel.
  • Allotment (noun) – కొత్తగా పొందుట, Example: The government provided an allotment of land for the construction of a school.

Related Sentences:

  • The alluvian deposits left by the river created fertile soil for farming.
  • The geologist studied the alluvian sediments to understand the history of the region.


The antonym of alluvian in Telugu is అల్లువియన్ విరుద్ధం (alluvian viruddham).

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