Allotting: Meaning and Pronunciation

Allotting is the present participle form of the verb “allot.” It is pronounced as uh-lot-ing.

Meaning in Telugu:

కొట్టుట, నిర్ధారించుట, విడిచివేయుట


assigning, distributing, apportioning, allocating, dispensing

Nearby Words:

– Allotment (Noun): కొట్టుట, నిర్ధారించుట
– Allottee (Noun): కొట్టుబడులు
– Allotted (Adjective): కొట్టబడిన
– Allotter (Noun): కొట్టుబడులు
– Allotment (Noun): కొట్టుట, నిర్ధారించుట

Example Sentences:

– The committee is allotting funds for the project. (Noun)
– They are allotting the tasks to different team members. (Verb)
– The allotment of land was done fairly. (Noun)


తీర్పు, విడిచివేయడం

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