alluvial soil

Alluvial Soil: Meaning and Pronunciation

Alluvial soil, known as అలువై మణ్ణు (aluvai mannu) in Telugu, is a type of soil that is formed by the deposition of sediments brought by rivers, floods, and other water bodies. It is highly fertile and is found in river valleys, floodplains, and deltas.

Pronunciation: [uh-loo-vee-uhl soil]

Synonyms of Alluvial Soil

Some synonyms of alluvial soil include:

  • అలువై మణ్ణు (aluvai mannu)
  • అలువై మరియు మణ్ణు (aluvai mariyu mannu)
  • అలువై భూమి (aluvai bhoomi)

Nearby Words

Here are some nearby words related to alluvial soil:

  • Noun: నదీ మణ్ణు (nadi mannu) – River soil
  • Noun: పొలం (polam) – Silt
  • Noun: పొలం మణ్ణు (polam mannu) – Silty soil
  • Noun: నదీ పొలం (nadi polam) – River silt

Example Sentence: అలువై మణ్ణు ప్రాంతాల్లో ప్రముఖ పంటకు ఉపయోగపడుతుంది. (Alluvai mannu prantallō pramukha panṭaku upayōgapadutundi) – Alluvial soil is used for major crop cultivation in the region.


The antonym of alluvial soil in Telugu is అలువై మణ్ణు రహితం (aluvai mannu rahitam).

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