alluvial land

Alluvial Land: Meaning and Pronunciation

Alluvial land, known as అలువైయల్ భూమి (aluvayal bhumi) in Telugu, refers to the fertile soil deposited by rivers or streams. It is formed by the gradual accumulation of sediments such as silt, sand, clay, and gravel over time. The word “alluvial” is pronounced as /əˈluːviəl/.

Synonyms of Alluvial Land

Some synonyms of alluvial land include:

  • అలువైయల్ భూమి (aluvayal bhumi)
  • అలువైయల్ భూమిలో (aluvayal bhumi lo)
  • అలువైయల్ భూమిలోని (aluvayal bhumi loni)

Nearby Words

Here are some nearby words related to alluvial land:

  • Noun: నది (nadi) – river
  • Noun: నదిపు నీటి (nadipu neeti) – river water
  • Noun: నదిపు పట్టణం (nadipu pattanam) – river city
  • Noun: నదిపు ప్రదేశం (nadipu pradesham) – river region

Example sentence: అలువైయల్ భూమిలో పంట చేయడం చాలా కష్టం కాదు (Aluvayal bhumi lo panta cheyadam chala kashtam kadu) – Cultivating crops in alluvial land is not difficult.


The antonym of alluvial land in Telugu is అలువైయల్ భూమి కాదు (aluvayal bhumi kadu).

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