Alluvial: Meaning and Pronunciation

Alluvial is an English word that refers to sediment or soil that has been deposited by flowing water, typically in riverbeds, floodplains, or deltas. In Telugu, it is known as అలువైయల్ (aluvayal).

Pronunciation: [uh-loo-vee-uhl]

Synonyms of Alluvial

Some synonyms of alluvial include:

  • Fluvial
  • Riverine
  • Deltaic
  • Floodplain
  • Sedimentary

Nearby Words

Here are some nearby words related to alluvial:

  • Noun: River, sediment, soil, flood, delta
  • Adjective: Sedimentary, fluvial, riverine, deltaic
  • Verb: Deposit, erode, flow, flood

Example Sentences:

  • The alluvial soil in the river valley is highly fertile.
  • The flood brought in new alluvial deposits.
  • Deltaic regions are known for their alluvial plains.


The antonym of alluvial in Telugu is అలువైయల్ కాదు (aluvayal kaadu).

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