along side

Along Side: Meaning, Pronunciation, Synonyms, Nearby Words, Antonyms

Meaning: Along side is a phrase that means alongside or next to something or someone.

Telugu Meaning: పక్కన ఉండే (pakkaṇa uṇḍē)

Pronunciation: uh-lawng sahyd

Synonyms: alongside, beside, next to, adjacent to, parallel to

Nearby Words:

  • Preposition: beside – పక్కన (pakkaṇa)
  • Adverb: nearby – పక్కన (pakkaṇa), సమీపంలో (samīpaṁlō)
  • Noun: side – పక్క (pakka)
  • Verb: align – సమానులు చేయు (samānulu cēyu)

Related Sentences:

  1. I parked my car along side the road.
  2. The new building stands alongside the old one.
  3. She sat beside her friend during the movie.


Telugu Meaning: విరుద్ధంగా (viruddhaṁgā)

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