All-Rounder: Meaning and Pronunciation

An all-rounder is a term commonly used in sports to describe a player who excels in multiple areas of the game. In Telugu, an all-rounder can be referred to as “అన్ని కార్యాలయం” (anni karyalayam), which translates to “one who can do all tasks.”

Pronunciation: [awl-roun-der]

Synonyms of All-Rounder

1. Versatile player

2. Utility player

3. Jack of all trades

4. Multitalented individual

5. Polymath

Nearby Words

1. All-purpose (adjective) – అన్ని ఉపయోగాలకు (anni upayogalaku) – suitable for all purposes

Example: He carried an all-purpose tool that could be used for various tasks.

2. Allot (verb) – కొంతమందికి ఇవ్వడం (konthamandiki ivvadam) – to give or distribute something

Example: The coach will allot equal playing time to all the players.

3. Allure (noun) – ఆకర్షణ (aakarshana) – the quality of being attractive or fascinating

Example: The allure of the new sports car was hard to resist.


The antonym of all-rounder in Telugu is “ఒక్క కార్యం కూడా చేయని వ్యక్తి” (okka karyam kooda cheyani vyakti), which means “a person who cannot do a single task.”

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