Admiration: Meaning and Pronunciation

Admiration is a feeling of respect, approval, and deep appreciation towards someone or something. It is a positive emotion that arises when we recognize and acknowledge the qualities, achievements, or actions of others.

Pronunciation: ad-muh-rey-shuhn

Synonyms of Admiration

1. Appreciation (మనోహరంగా చూసుకొనుట)

2. Esteem (మానము)

3. Adoration (ఆరాధన)

4. Respect (గౌరవం)

5. Reverence (పూజించుట)

Nearby Words

1. Admire (verb) – ఆదరించు (to regard with respect and approval)

2. Admirable (adjective) – గౌరవాన్వితమైన (deserving admiration)

3. Admirably (adverb) – గౌరవాన్వితమైనంగా (in a way that deserves admiration)

4. Admirer (noun) – ఆదరించేవాడు (a person who admires someone or something)

Example Sentences:

1. She admired his talent and dedication. (ఆతని యోగ్యతను మరియు ప్రతిష్టను ఆదరించింది)

2. The audience applauded in admiration. (ప్రేక్షకులు ఆదరించి అప్లాడ్ చేసారు)


The antonym of admiration is indifference.

Antonym: అలసట (alasata)

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