Ally: Meaning and Pronunciation

In Telugu, the word “ally” can be translated as సహాయకుడు (sahāyakuḍu), సహకారి (sahakāri), మిత్రుడు (mitruḍu), సహచరుడు (sahacaruḍu), సహకర్త (sahakarta), సహాయకుడు (sahāyakuḍu), సహకారి (sahakāri), మిత్రుడు (mitruḍu), సహచరుడు (sahacaruḍu), సహకర్త (sahakarta).

Pronunciation: (uh-lahy)

Synonyms of Ally

1. Associate
2. Colleague
3. Partner
4. Supporter
5. Friend

Nearby Words

1. Allegation (Noun) – ఆరోపణ (ārōpaṇa) – The act of accusing someone of a crime or wrongdoing.
Example: The police made an allegation against the suspect.

2. Allergic (Adjective) – అలెర్జి (alerji) – Having a strong reaction to a substance that is usually harmless.
Example: She is allergic to peanuts.

3. Allocate (Verb) – కల్పించు (kalpin̄cu) – To distribute or assign resources or duties for a particular purpose.
Example: The manager will allocate the budget for the project.

4. Allotment (Noun) – కల్పించడం (kalpin̄caḍaṁ) – The act of giving or assigning a portion or share.
Example: Each employee received an allotment of company stocks.

5. Allure (Verb) – ఆకర్షించు (ākarṣiṁcu) – To attract or entice someone.
Example: The beautiful scenery allured tourists from all over the world.


The antonym of “ally” in Telugu is శత్రువు (śatravu), which means “enemy”.


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