Alogical: Meaning and Pronunciation

Alogical (pronounced ay-loj-i-kuhl) is an adjective that refers to something that lacks logical reasoning or is illogical. In Telugu, it can be translated as తార్కికత లేని (tārkikata lēni).

Synonyms of Alogical

Some synonyms of alogical include:

  • Illogical
  • Unreasonable
  • Unsound
  • Nonrational
  • Irresponsible

Nearby Words

Here are some nearby words with their parts of speech and meanings in Telugu:

  • Alphabet (Noun) – అక్షరము (akṣaramu) – “The basic elements of a writing system.”
  • Altruism (Noun) – పరోపకారము (parōpakāramu) – “Selfless concern for the well-being of others.”
  • Aloof (Adjective) – దూరముగా (dūramugā) – “Not friendly or forthcoming.”
  • Alongside (Preposition) – పక్కనే (pakkane) – “Next to or beside.”
  • Almighty (Adjective) – సర్వశక్తిమానుడు (sarvaśaktimānuḍu) – “Having unlimited power; omnipotent.”

Example sentence: “His alogical explanation for his actions left everyone confused.”


The antonym of alogical is logical. In Telugu, logical can be translated as తార్కిక (tārkika).

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