Accosted: Meaning and Pronunciation

Accosted is a verb that means to approach or speak to someone boldly or aggressively. In Telugu, it can be translated as పక్కన పడుకునేందుకు, సందర్శించుట, పక్కన పడుకునేందుకు (pakkan padukuneendhuku, sandarshinchutu, pakkan padukuneendhuku).

Pronunciation: uh-kaw-stid

Synonyms of Accosted

Some synonyms of accosted include approached, hailed, addressed, confronted, and greeted.

Nearby Words

1. Accost (verb) – పక్కన పడుకునేందుకు (pakkan padukuneendhuku)
Example: The stranger accosted me on the street.

2. Accosting (noun) – పక్కన పడుకునేందుకు (pakkan padukuneendhuku)
Example: His accosting of the celebrity caused a commotion.

3. Accoster (noun) – పక్కన పడుకునేందుకు (pakkan padukuneendhuku)
Example: The accoster demanded money from the victim.


The antonym of accosted in Telugu is పక్కన పడకండి (pakkan padakandi).

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