air raid

Air Raid: Meaning and Pronunciation in Telugu

An air raid refers to an attack carried out by aircraft, typically involving the dropping of bombs or other explosives. In Telugu, air raid can be translated as వాయు దూషణ (vāyu dūṣaṇ).

Pronunciation: vāyu dūṣaṇ

Synonyms of Air Raid

1. వాయు దూషణ (vāyu dūṣaṇ)

2. వాయు దూషణ ప్రకారం (vāyu dūṣaṇa prakāraṁ)

3. వాయు దూషణ ఆక్రమణ (vāyu dūṣaṇ ākramaṇ)

Nearby Words

1. Aircraft (Noun) – విమానం (vimānaṁ) – The aircraft flew over the city during the air raid.

2. Bomb (Noun) – బాంబు (bāmbu) – The bomb exploded during the air raid.

3. Attack (Noun) – దూషణ (dūṣaṇa) – The attack was carried out during the air raid.


The antonym of air raid in Telugu is వాయు దూషణ రహితం (vāyu dūṣaṇa rahitaṁ).

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