air route

Air Route

An air route refers to a designated path in the sky that aircraft follow to reach their destination. It is a crucial element in aviation, ensuring safe and efficient travel. Let’s explore the various aspects of air routes.


Air Route is pronounced as “eir roo-t” in English.


Alternate terms for air route include flight path, air corridor, and aerial highway.

Nearby Words

  • Airspace (noun) – వాయుమండలం, the portion of the atmosphere above a particular area, especially above a nation’s territory.
  • Aircraft (noun) – విమానం, a vehicle that can fly, such as an airplane or helicopter.
  • Navigation (noun) – నావిగేషన్, the process of planning and controlling the movement of a craft or vehicle.
  • Destination (noun) – గమ్యస్థలం, the place to which someone or something is going or being sent.

Example sentence: The aircraft followed the designated air route to its destination.


The antonym for air route in Telugu is “భూమి మార్గం” (Bhumi Maargam).

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