adult education

Adult Education

Adult education, also known as ప్రాపంచిక విద్య, is the process of providing learning opportunities to adults who have not completed their formal education or wish to further enhance their knowledge and skills. It aims to empower individuals and enable them to participate fully in society.


Adult education is pronounced as “uh-duhlt ih-dyoo-kay-shuhn”.


Some synonyms for adult education include continuing education, lifelong learning, and non-formal education.

Nearby Words

  • Adult: ప్రాపంచిక (prāpaṁcika) – a person who is fully grown or developed.
  • Education: విద్య (vidya) – the process of acquiring knowledge, skills, values, or attitudes.
  • Learning: నేర్చుకోవడం (nērcukōvaḍaṁ) – the acquisition of knowledge or skills through study, experience, or teaching.
  • Opportunity: అవకాశం (avakāśaṁ) – a favorable or advantageous circumstance or occasion.

Example Sentence: ప్రాపంచిక విద్య అవకాశాలు మన జీవితాన్ని మరియు కర్తవ్యాలను పూర్తిగా అభివృద్ధి చేయడం కోసం అత్యంత ముఖ్యం.


The antonym for adult education is ప్రాపంచిక అనుశాసన (prāpaṁcika anuśāsana), which means “illiteracy”.

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