Amicably Meaning in Telugu

Amicably is an adverb that means “in a friendly and cooperative manner.” In Telugu, it can be translated as:

సౌహార్దపూర్వకంగా (sauhārdapūrvakaṅgā)

సౌహార్దపూర్వక రీతిలో (sauhārdapūrvaka rītilō)

మైత్రిగా (maitrīgā)

Pronunciation of Amicably

The word “amicably” is pronounced as uh-mi-kuh-blee.

Nearby Words

Here are some nearby words with their parts of speech and meanings in Telugu:

1. Amicable (adjective): మైత్రియమైన (maitriyamaina) – characterized by friendship or goodwill.

2. Amicability (noun): మైత్రియము (maitriyamu) – the quality of being friendly or cooperative.

3. Amicableness (noun): మైత్రియము (maitriyamu) – the state or quality of being amicable.

Amicably Synonyms

Some synonyms for “amicably” include:

1. Harmoniously

2. Cordially

3. Peacefully

4. Agreeably

5. Pleasantly

Amicably Antonyms

The antonym for “amicably” in Telugu is:

విరోధపూర్వకంగా (virodhapūrvakaṅgā) – meaning “in an adversarial manner.”

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