Adulterants: Meaning and Pronunciation

Adulterants, known as కలంజరులు (kalanjarulu) in Telugu, refer to substances that are added to food, drugs, or other products to lower their quality or deceive consumers. These substances can be harmful to health and are often added without the knowledge of the consumer.

Pronunciation: [uh-duhl-tuh-runts] *

Synonyms of Adulterants

1. Impurities (అశుద్ధిలు, ashuddhilu)

2. Contaminants (కలంజరాలు, kalanjaralu)

3. Dilutants (తగ్గింపులు, taggimpulu)

Nearby Words

1. Adulterate (verb) – కలంజరించు (kalanjarinchu) – to make impure by adding adulterants

2. Adulteration (noun) – కలంజరణ (kalanjarana) – the act of adding adulterants

3. Adulterator (noun) – కలంజరించేవాడు (kalanjarinchēvāḍu) – a person who adds adulterants

Example Sentence: ఆ ఆహారంలో కలంజరాలు ఉన్నాయి. (There are adulterants in that food.)


The antonym of adulterants in Telugu is శుద్ధిలు (shuddhilu), meaning “pure substances”.

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