Alluviums: Definition, Pronunciation, and Synonyms

Alluviums, known as “అల్లువియంస్” in Telugu, refer to the loose sedimentary deposits that are carried and deposited by flowing water, such as rivers and streams. These deposits typically consist of sand, silt, clay, and gravel.

Pronunciation: [uh-loo-vee-uhmz]

Synonyms: sediments, deposits, detritus, siltation

Nearby Words

1. Alluvial (adjective) – అల్లువియాల్: Relating to or composed of alluviums. Example: The alluvial soil in the region is highly fertile.

2. Alluvion (noun) – అల్లువియాన్: The act of depositing alluviums or the material deposited. Example: The alluvion from the river has formed a new delta.

3. Alluvial fan (noun) – అల్లువియాల్ ఫాన్: A fan-shaped deposit of alluviums formed where a fast-flowing stream flattens, slows, and spreads typically at the exit of a canyon onto a plain. Example: The alluvial fan created a fertile area for agriculture.


The antonym for alluviums in Telugu is “అల్లువియాలు లేని” (pronounced as “alluvialu leni”), which means “without alluviums.”


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