Admirer: Meaning and Pronunciation

An admirer is someone who has a deep respect, appreciation, or affection for someone or something. In Telugu, the word for admirer is అనుభవించేవాడు (anubhavinchēvāḍu), అనుభవించేవాళ్ళు (anubhavinchēvāḷḷu), అనుభవించేవారు (anubhavinchēvāru).

Pronunciation: [uhd-mahy-er]

Synonyms for Admirer

1. Fan
2. Follower
3. Devotee
4. Enthusiast
5. Supporter

Nearby Words

1. Admiration (Noun) – ఆదరణ (ādaraṇa) – She looked at him with admiration.
2. Admire (Verb) – ఆదరించు (ādarin̄cu) – I admire her dedication to her work.
3. Admiringly (Adverb) – ఆదరపడుచు (ādarapaḍucu) – He smiled admiringly at her.
4. Admired (Adjective) – ఆదరించబడిన (ādarin̄cabadiṇa) – She is an admired figure in the industry.


The antonym for admirer is వెదకవారి (vedakavāri), which means “critic” in Telugu.

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