Amir Meaning in Telugu

Amir is a popular name with multiple meanings in Telugu. Here are a few meanings:

  • అమీర్ (Amīr) – Wealthy
  • అమీరుడు (Amīruḍu) – Prince
  • అమీరులు (Amīrulu) – Nobles

Pronunciation of Amir

The pronunciation of Amir in Telugu is (uh-meer).

Nearby Words

Here are some nearby words with their parts of speech and meanings:

  • Noun: అమీరులు (Amīrulu) – Nobles
  • Noun: అమీరుడు (Amīruḍu) – Prince
  • Adjective: అమీర్ (Amīr) – Wealthy

Example sentences:

  1. అమీరులు ప్రభులుగా పరిగణించబడుతారు. (Amīrulu prabhuluga parigaṇinca baḍutāru) – Nobles are recognized as rulers.
  2. అమీరుడు రాజుగా ప్రమాణించబడుతాడు. (Amīruḍu rājugā pramāṇinca baḍutāḍu) – The prince is proclaimed as the king.
  3. అతను అమీర్ వ్యక్తిగతంగా ఉంటాడు. (Atanu amīr vyaktigataṅgā uṇṭāḍu) – He is a wealthy person personally.

Amir Synonyms

Some synonyms for Amir include:

  • ధని (Dhani) – Wealthy
  • రాజు (Rāju) – King
  • ప్రభు (Prabhu) – Lord

Amir Antonyms

The antonym of Amir is ad in Telugu, which means poor or destitute.

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