The Addax is a species of antelope native to the Sahara Desert. It is known for its distinctive appearance and unique adaptations to its harsh desert habitat. In Telugu language, the word “addax” can be translated as అడ్డకుక్క (addakukka), అడ్డకుక్క జంతువు (addakukka jantu), అడ్డకుక్క పశువు (addakukka pashuvu).


The pronunciation of “addax” is uh-daks.


Some synonyms for addax include:

  • White antelope
  • Screwhorn antelope
  • Desert antelope

Nearby Words

Here are some nearby words related to addax:

  • Adaptation (Noun) – అనుకూలత (anukoolata) – The addax has unique adaptations to survive in the desert.
  • Desert (Noun) – మరువు (maruvu) – The addax is well-suited to the harsh desert environment.
  • Endangered (Adjective) – అంతర్జాత (antarjata) – The addax is an endangered species.
  • Habitat (Noun) – నివాసస్థలం (nivasasthalam) – The addax lives in the desert habitat.


The antonym for addax in Telugu is అడ్డకుక్క పశువు లేకుండా (addakukka pashuvu lekunda).

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