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Admit Card: Meaning in Telugu, Pronunciation, Synonyms, Nearby Words, Antonyms

Meaning in Telugu:

Admit Card – అడ్మిట్ కార్డు


Admit Card – *అడ్మిట్ కార్డు* (ad-mit kard)


1. Hall Ticket – హాల్ టికెట్
2. Entry Pass – ఎంట్రీ పాస్
3. Permission Letter – అనుమతి పత్రం
4. Call Letter – కాల్ లెటర్

Nearby Words:

1. Examination (Noun) – పరీక్ష
– The examination hall was filled with nervous students. (Sentence)
2. Candidate (Noun) – ఉమ్మడి
– The candidate must carry the admit card to the exam center. (Sentence)
3. Venue (Noun) – స్థానం
– The venue for the exam was a large auditorium. (Sentence)
4. Identity (Noun) – గుర్తింపు
– The admit card serves as an identity proof for the candidate. (Sentence)


Ad – అడ్ (ad)

1. –
2. –
3. –

Admit card, also known as “అడ్మిట్ కార్డు” in Telugu, is an essential document required for various examinations and entrance tests. It serves as a permission letter or entry pass for candidates appearing for exams. The admit card contains important details such as the candidate’s name, roll number, exam center, date, and time of the examination.

Pronunciation: *అడ్మిట్ కార్డు* (ad-mit kard)

Synonyms for admit card include “హాల్ టికెట్” (hall ticket), “ఎంట్రీ పాస్” (entry pass), and “అనుమతి పత్రం” (permission letter). Another synonym is “కాల్ లెటర్” (call letter).

Some nearby words related to admit card are “పరీక్ష” (examination), “ఉమ్మడి” (candidate), “స్థానం” (venue), and “గుర్తింపు” (identity).

An antonym for admit card is “అడ్” (ad).

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