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Admit Into: Meaning and Pronunciation

Admit into is a phrasal verb that is commonly used in English. In Telugu, it can be translated as: ప్రవేశించు (pravēśin̄cu), అంగీకరించు (aṅgīkarin̄cu), స్వీకరించు (svīkarin̄cu), అంగీకరించు (aṅgīkarin̄cu).

Pronunciation: uh d-mit in-too

Synonyms of Admit Into

1. Allow entry to

2. Grant access to

3. Receive into

4. Accept into

Nearby Words

1. Admit (verb) – అంగీకరించు (aṅgīkarin̄cu) – The teacher will admit the students into the classroom.

2. Admission (noun) – ప్రవేశం (pravēśaṁ) – The admission fee for the concert is quite high.

3. Admissible (adjective) – అంగీకరించగలిగించిన (aṅgīkarin̄cagaligin̄cina) – The evidence presented in court was deemed admissible.

4. Admittance (noun) – ప్రవేశం (pravēśaṁ) – The security guard granted admittance to the authorized personnel.


The antonym of “admit into” in Telugu is “నిరాకరించు” (nirākarin̄cu), which means to reject or deny admission.

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