aide de camp

Aide de Camp: Meaning and Pronunciation in Telugu

Aide de Camp is a French term that translates to “Camp Assistant” in English. In Telugu, it can be understood as “ఆడుకున్న సహాయకుడు” (āḍukunna sahāyakuḍu). The term refers to a military officer who serves as a personal assistant to a senior officer, often a general or a high-ranking official.

Pronunciation: [eyd duh kamp] *

Synonyms of Aide de Camp

1. Adjutant
2. Assistant
3. Deputy
4. Aid
5. Attendant

Nearby Words

1. Aide (Noun) – సహాయకుడు (sahāyakuḍu)
Example: The general’s aide provided valuable information during the meeting.

2. Camp (Noun) – శిబిరం (śibiraṁ)
Example: The soldiers set up their camp near the river.

3. Assistant (Noun) – సహాయకుడు (sahāyakuḍu)
Example: The manager assigned an assistant to help with the project.

4. Officer (Noun) – అధికారి (adhikāri)
Example: The police officer patrolled the streets to ensure safety.

5. General (Noun) – జనరల్ (janaral)
Example: The general led his troops into battle.


The antonym of Aide de Camp in Telugu is “విరోధి” (virōdhi), which means “opponent” or “adversary”.

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