Adulterous: Meaning and Pronunciation

Adulterous is an English adjective that refers to someone who engages in adultery, which is the act of being unfaithful to a spouse or partner by having a sexual relationship with someone else. In Telugu, the word for adulterous is వ్యభిచారి (vyabhichari).

Pronunciation: (ad-ul-ter-uhs)

Synonyms for Adulterous

1. Unfaithful (అనిశ్చయితుడు)

2. Cheating (మోసం చేసే)

3. Infidel (అనధికారి)

4. Promiscuous (వివిధ సంఘటనలు చేసే)

Nearby Words

1. Adulterate (verb) – కలిపించు (kalipinchu) – to make something impure or weaker by adding inferior substances.

2. Adulteration (noun) – కలిపించుట (kalipinchuta) – the act of adulterating or making something impure.

3. Adulterer (noun) – వ్యభిచారి (vyabhichari) – a person who commits adultery.

4. Adulteress (noun) – వ్యభిచారిణి (vyabhicharini) – a female who commits adultery.

Example sentences:

– He was caught trying to adulterate the milk by adding water. (Adulterate)

– The adulteration of the medicine led to severe side effects. (Adulteration)

– The society looked down upon the adulterer for betraying his wife. (Adulterer)

– She was labeled as an adulteress after her affair was exposed. (Adulteress)


The antonym for adulterous in Telugu is నిష్కళంకమైన (nishkalanakamaina), which means faithful or loyal.

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