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Advocate General: Meaning and Pronunciation

The term “Advocate General” refers to a legal position in the government that represents the state or country in legal matters. In Telugu, it is known as ఆడ్వోకేట్ జనరల్ (āḍvōkēṭ janaral).

Pronunciation: āḍvōkēṭ janaral

Synonyms of Advocate General

1. Legal Advisor (వకాలతా సలహాకారుడు, vakālatā salahākāruḍu)

2. State Counsel (రాష్ట్ర సలహాకారుడు, rāṣṭra salahākāruḍu)

3. Attorney General (అటర్నీ జనరల్, aṭarṇī janaral)

Nearby Words

1. Advocate (Noun) – వకీలు (vakīlu) – “The advocate presented a strong case in court.”

2. Legal (Adjective) – వకాలతో సంబంధించిన (vakālatō sambandhiṁcina) – “He sought legal advice before signing the contract.”

3. Court (Noun) – న్యాయాలయం (nyāyālayaṁ) – “The case will be heard in the high court.”


The antonym of Advocate General in Telugu is విరోధి జనరల్ (virodhi janaral).

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