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Active Voice: Meaning and Pronunciation in Telugu

The active voice is a grammatical construction in which the subject of a sentence performs the action expressed by the verb. In Telugu, the active voice is known as “సకర్మక వాచ్యం” (sakarmaka vaachyam).

Pronunciation: (sakarmaka vaachyam)

Active Voice Synonyms

Some synonyms for the active voice include:

  • సకర్మక వాచ్యం (sakarmaka vaachyam)
  • క్రియావాచ్యం (kriyaavaachyam)
  • ప్రయోగవాచ్యం (prayogavaachyam)

Nearby Words

Here are some nearby words related to the active voice:

  • Noun: క్రియ (kriya) – action
  • Verb: చేయు (cheayu) – to do
  • Adjective: సకర్మక (sakarmaka) – active
  • Adverb: సకర్మకంగా (sakarmakamga) – actively

Example Sentence: నాను పని చేస్తున్నాను (Nānu pani chesthunnaanu) – I am doing the work.


The antonym of the active voice in Telugu is “అకర్మక వాచ్యం” (akarmaka vaachyam).

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