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Aide Memoire: Definition, Pronunciation, and Synonyms

An aide memoire, also spelled as “aid memoire,” is a French term that translates to “memory aid” in English. It refers to a written or visual reminder used to help recall information or instructions. In Telugu, aide memoire is known as స్మరణ సహాయం (smaraṇa sahāyaṁ).

Pronunciation: [eyd mem-wahr] *

Synonyms: reminder, memorandum, prompt, cue, mnemonic

Nearby Words

1. Reminder (noun): జ్ఞాపకం (jñāpakaṁ) – a thing that causes someone to remember something.

Example Sentence: నాకు మరో జ్ఞాపకం ఇవ్వండి (Nāku māro jñāpakaṁ ivvaṇḍi) – Please give me another reminder.

2. Memo (noun): మెమో (memō) – a written message, especially in business or diplomacy.

Example Sentence: మీరు మెమో పంపారు (Mīru memō pampāru) – You can send a memo.

3. Instruction (noun): నిర్దేశం (nirdēśaṁ) – a direction or order.

Example Sentence: మీరు నిర్దేశం ఇవ్వండి (Mīru nirdēśaṁ ivvaṇḍi) – Please give me instructions.


The antonym for aide memoire in Telugu is మర్యాద (maryāda), which means “forgetfulness.”

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