Addendum: Meaning and Pronunciation

In Telugu, the word “addendum” can be translated as చేరువు (cheruvu), జోడించిన పత్రం (jodinchina patram), సంపూర్ణంగా జోడించిన పత్రం (sampoorṇaṅgā jodinchina patram), జోడించిన పుట (jodinchina puṭa), or జోడించిన అనుబంధం (jodinchina anubandham).

Pronunciation: /əˈdɛndəm/ (uh-DEN-duhm)

Addendum: Synonyms

Some synonyms for “addendum” include appendix, supplement, attachment, codicil, and postscript.

Addendum: Nearby Words

1. Addition (noun) – జోడించడం (jodinchaḍaṁ) – Please make an addition to the document.

2. Additive (noun) – జోడకం (jōḍakaṁ) – This food additive enhances the flavor.

3. Address (noun) – చిరునామా (cirunāmā) – Write your address on the envelope.

4. Adhere (verb) – పట్టుకోవడం (paṭṭukōvaḍaṁ) – Please adhere to the rules and regulations.

5. Adhesive (noun) – అడ్జీసివ్ (aḍjīsiv) – This adhesive is strong enough to hold the pieces together.

Example sentence: The addendum to the contract clarified the terms and conditions.

Addendum: Antonyms

In Telugu, the antonym for “addendum” is తీర్పు (tīrpu).


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