Aerials: Meaning and Pronunciation

Aerials is a noun that refers to objects or devices that are designed to be used or operate in the air. In Telugu, aerials can be translated as విమానాలు (vimaanalu), ఆకాశంలో (aakaashamlo) or ఆకాశానికి (aakaashaaniki).

Pronunciation: [air-ee-uh lz]

Synonyms for Aerials

1. Airborne
2. Flying
3. Skyward
4. Elevated
5. Aeronautical

Nearby Words

1. Airship (Noun) – వాయుపాతాళిక (vaayupaataalika) – The airship glided gracefully through the clouds.
2. Aviation (Noun) – విమానాలు (vimaanalu) – He had a passion for aviation from a young age.
3. Atmosphere (Noun) – వాతావరణం (vaataavaranam) – The atmosphere was filled with excitement as the plane took off.
4. Parachute (Noun) – ప్యారాచూట్ (pyaaraachoot) – The skydiver deployed his parachute and descended safely.
5. Glider (Noun) – గ్లైడర్ (glaidar) – The glider soared effortlessly through the air.


The antonym for aerials in Telugu is భూమిపై (bhoomipai).

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