Aerialist: Meaning and Pronunciation

An aerialist is a noun that refers to a performer who specializes in acrobatics and other feats performed high above the ground, often using apparatus such as trapezes, ropes, or hoops. In Telugu, aerialist can be translated as ఆకాశంలో నటనలు చేసే వ్యక్తి (ākāśaṁlō naṭanalu cēsē vyakti).

Pronunciation: [air-ee-uh-list]

Synonyms of Aerialist

1. Acrobat (ఆక్రోబాట్)

2. Trapeze artist (ట్రాపీజ్ కళాకారుడు)

3. High-wire artist (హై-వైర్ కళాకారుడు)

4. Aerial performer (ఆకాశ నట)

Nearby Words

1. Aerial (Noun) – ఆకాశం (ākāśaṁ) – The part of the atmosphere above the earth’s surface.

Example: The birds were soaring through the aerial.

2. Aerate (Verb) – వాయువును పూర్తిగా పెరుగుచేయు (vāyuvunu pūrtigā perugucēyu) – To supply or expose to air or oxygen.

Example: It is important to aerate the soil before planting.

3. Aerobatics (Noun) – వాయుయాన నటనలు (vāyuyāna naṭanalu) – The practice of performing stunts in an aircraft.

Example: The pilot amazed the crowd with his aerobatics skills.


The antonym of aerialist in Telugu is భూమిపై నటనలు చేసే వ్యక్తి (bhūmipai naṭanalu cēsē vyakti), which means a performer who specializes in ground-based acts.

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