Amorality Meaning in Telugu

Amorality is a term that refers to the absence or lack of moral principles or values. In Telugu, amorality can be understood through various meanings:

నీతినిష్ఠతనము లేనిత్వం (neetinishthatanamu lenitvam) – The state of being without moral principles.

నీతినిష్ఠతనము లేని (neetinishthatanamu leni) – Without moral principles.

నీతినిష్ఠతనము రహితము (neetinishthatanamu rahitamu) – Devoid of moral principles.

Pronunciation of Amorality

The word “amorality” is pronounced as uh-maw-ral-i-tee.

Nearby Words

Here are some nearby words related to amorality:


1. నీతి (neeti) – Morality, ethics

2. నీతినిష్ఠ (neetinishtha) – Morality, moral principles

3. నీతినిష్ఠత (neetinishthat) – Morality, moral values


1. నీతినిష్ఠమైన (neetinishthamaina) – Moral, ethical

2. నీతినిష్ఠతనమైన (neetinishthatanamaina) – Morally upright

Amorality Synonyms

Some synonyms for amorality include:

1. Immorality

2. Unprincipled

3. Unethical

Amorality Antonyms

The antonym for amorality is “morality” in Telugu, which is translated as “నీతి” (neeti).

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